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Tranquil Aromas Reed Diffuser

Tranquil Aromas Reed Diffuser

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Reed diffusers will gracefully fill your air with a divine scent. Our custom fusion of essential and fragrance oils is crafted in the Land of 10,000 Lakes in tiny batches. Our responsibly harvested, all-natural rattan reeds offer an eco-friendly and top-notch experience.

  • Volume: 6 fl oz
  • Packaging: Glass container with reed sticks, gracefully wrapped


  • Long-lasting fragrance, designed to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Eco-friendly reed sticks for efficient diffusion
  • Easy to use – no need for electricity or flames

Why You Should Buy

  • Infuses your space with a serene fragrance, promoting relaxation
  • Enhances the ambiance of any room with a subtle, aesthetic design
  • Makes for a thoughtful gift, perfect for any occasion

Crafted with care, this reed diffuser is a testament to the harmonious blend of style and well-being. Enjoy the tranquility it brings to your home, one breath at a time.

Directions: Place reeds in oil. The more reeds you use, the more fragrance is released, & the quicker the liquid is used up. If the scent starts to become faint, turn the reeds upside down.

Note: Bottles are filled by weight, est. 6 fl. Oz., levels may vary. Oil color may vary.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of pets and children.–Do not ingest–Avoid placing where the bottle can be knocked over–may damage wood and porous surfaces if spilled.


Essential Oils, Wood Reed, Glass bottle with Cap



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